4-26-10 by dave

The corn cycle has ripened to perfection with Monday offering various varieties as the day progressed.  The early morning peak temps were still brisk with a cold North wind still blowing, holding off the softening on the front side of the hill.  Mineral Basin went off first, pulling the majority of the light crowd toward the Sun and softness.  I took advantage of the empty front side to let my skis run on the firm but perfect surface that let me feel the arc and snap of every turn.  Yummm.   Regulator, Mark Malu, Bass Akwards, and Big Emma had been given the full tenderizing treatment to combat the crusties.  Avoidance measures to these areas was pleasantly unnecessary and provided very nice carve-ability.  The High North aspects resisted softening long into the day as the cold wind kept the ambient temps at bay.   Gad Zoom and Wilbre Chairs are now closed for the season, necessitating taking the Bass Highway back to the tram.  One could ski to the bottom, but that would require a very long walk with no shuttles servicing the Gad Valley.  The boundary   line is well marked on Big Emma and cannot be missed.   Tomorrow you can expect continued great sliding top to bottom, with the usual timing moving up with a warmer forecast, so a casual approach to the day is a good call.  I really like the morning motoring fest with vacant runs and knee friendly, though crispy, corduroy to blaze down.  The lower third of the hill is the only place you really have to put on the breaks.  Lose a ski and turf it going really fast would be most unfortunate.  I try to keep that eventuality as a cautionary note in the back of my mind.  Another great day is on tap, with a full 100” plus base.  How is that for this time of the year?.. Ciao!!!

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