4-27-10 by dave

When I arrived in the parking lot this Tuesday morning it was 43 degrees and feeling quite balmy with the warm air moving in ahead of the front, which is going to bring us a fresh installment.   Very nice tenderizing efforts had been done on the Peruvian side of the hill, making the morning session a rocker to be sure.  On the second run I tried out Regulator, to see if they had tenderized that pitch, only to find that that little luxury was conspicuously absent.  By the time I got half way down the steep section I was clawing and scratching for every thing I could get just to bleed off enough speed to negotiate the big sweeping right hand turn at the bottom.  I can tell you, that got my attention.  The flash frozen glaze persisted all the way to the bottom and I felt fortunate to get back to the tram with all my fillings.  The Gad side finally broke at 11:00 AM, when the corn goodness began making that side feel like a back country treat.  Mineral Basin softened first with the off trail offering deep carve-able consistency on all aspects, with the dust covered snow creating very sticky sections.  The entire mountain softened up after Noon, with the South wind building serious heft, that threatened to shut the Tram down .  Tomorrow promises to be rather interesting with the weather moving in during the morning hours.  We can not expect any softening of the underlying crud, and the groomed areas will have that glazed surface that will only be mitigated by the new snow.  Visibility will definitely be problematic with conditions very similar to last Friday.  All in all, dress for a storm day and expect challenging conditions.   I will be there to check things out on first Tram and will assess my enthusiasm level then.   IBBY!!!   P.S.  Check out this site by a good friend and seeker of the deep!  /www.powderchasers.com

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  1. It is going to be very deep and best on Thursday-Friday! I would skip the Wednesday crust and keep your fingers crossed for some actual face shots late Thursday! Please post my website on one of your posts??

    Powderchaser Steve

  2. Jim says:

    You do majke me laugh Dave and please don’t stop.

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