4-20-10 by dave

Tuesday morning was 43 Degrees in the parking lot at 8:00 AM. signaling an early break to begin the day.  The PSIA group is still on the hill and required a quick push into Mineral Basin to avoid the long line of participants.  Mineral had broken perfectly, with White Diamonds’ lower aspect groomed and carveliciaous right to the chair.  I was able to fit one more run back there with the groups stopped in various locations.  The Front side of the hill had been tenderized, providing traction and a bit of softness in sharp contrast to the flash frozen perimeter.  I , again, made a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to give the snow pack a chance to catch up with the air temp.  11:00 AM. saw both Regulator and Chips breaking down into the corn goodness that this type of freeze thaw cycle develops.  MMMM   MMMM good!!.  Low traffic and walk on Trams increased the stoke factor, not to mention the Sunshine and blue sky topping off the picture.  1:30 PM. began to present some of the glue like spots on the flat areas that require constant attention.  I took that cue to bail for the day and avoid a hyper extension of my knees.  A storm is moving in for the next 3 days, which will resurface the hill and give us  some fresh sauce to sample.  Tomorrow morning could be a touch tricky with high winds predicted and overcast skies.  The softening factor may be problematic due to falling temps., but good grooming efforts will offer limited runs with the off trail being stiff and challenging.  We can look forward to the fresh snow, so we will see you in the AM.   Ciao!!!

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  1. Craig Peterson says:

    Thanks for the rippen run down Reg Dave. Sure was fun to let loose with you and Curtis!!

  2. I loved your blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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