4-19-10 by dave

A wise friend of mine once told me that success was a matter of timing and lighting, and this Monday morning that bit of advice played a major role for the selection of aspects.  I had to get a jump on the PSIA group to get into Mineral Basin before the only groomed run got crowded with participants.  Moving to the front of the hill found seriously flash frozen groomers that fully transcended the definition of crispy, sending me scurrying to the Forklift Chair to await softening to occur.  11:00 AM. was the magic time where the Peruvian side of the hill began to crack, offering beautiful carve-ability top to bottom.  12:00 Noon saw Regulator breaking, providing that sorbet consistency that the watchful seeker anticipates.  The entire mountain has been affected by the spring warmth, so all aspects will require close attention before venturing forth.  The overall conditions are excellent top to bottom, with entrances still filled and accessible.   Be aware of the timing, taking into consideration the morning and overnight lows.  Holding off on the early Trams is a fair option given the firmness factor, but rest assured that the Sun will be working on the problem with the late morning- early afternoon session a bonus for the season.  It is all Timing and Lighting!!!  Peace Out

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