4-18-10 by dave

I likes it crispy, and I got what I likes right out of the chute this Sunday morning.  The Cat Crew had done an extensive job of tenderizing most of the hill, providing traction and carve-ability for the early risers.  The PSIA Acadamy had spilled into Mineral Basin, using 3 full boats to accomplish the demand, so I worked the front of the hill to avoid the traffic.  On my second run I decided to negotiate Regulator to find out just how dull my edges are when I encountered fully tenderized buffage wall to wall, much to my amazement and relief.  The tenderizing effort extended all the way down the hill including Big Emma which offered nice crystal velvet to dig into.  A very nice morning indeed.  As the tenderization got worked Kitty Litter erupted, creating a situation like trying to hold an edge on ping pong balls.  I beat a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to let softening occur.  The Sweet window opened at 11:00 AM with the Kitty Litter morphing into a sumptuous sorbet like consistency enabling unfettered rocking top to bottom.  It was like “frosting a cake with a paper knife”.  Walk on Trams let the vert. crew work the product with unmitigated audacity until the glue spots began to crop up on the flat cat tracks that had been cooking in the Sun.  I almost got flung over the handle bars coming out of Who Dunnit, so I wrapped up the day to get the trailer ready for the trip back up to the high desert sometime in the near future.  No amount of aluminum foil is going to keep the transmissions from THE BIG GIANT HEAD from getting through, and it is only a matter of TIME until I will once again be deployed back into the jaws of the DARK MATTER WARS, where the incursions are threatening the Galaxy once again.  In the mean time look for crunchy conditions again in the AM, with Mineral Basin being the first place to look for softening.  The traffic will be light, so get there early and work the tenderized parts until the Sun delivers the Sorbet.  It is also advisable to retreat to the Forklift Chair to take advantage of the ambiance there while softening occurs.  I will certainly be there, occupying the Planetary Office, so please drop by and commiserate.  Peace Out!!!

2 Responses to “SORBET TREAT”

  1. Calvin Burgart says:

    You describe the day skiing the way chefs describe the presentation, and usally it tastes good, too. See you at Forklift tomorrow.

  2. Craig Peterson says:

    This is a great idea Dave. I had a tasty run down Macaroni Shute at the end of the day with some of the boys. A great welcome home. Look forward to gettin in a few runs with you this week.


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