4-17-10 by dave

Saturday was nice, nice, nice.  I was able to get lots of things done around the trailer.  The day was so warm you had to know the hill softened wall to wall.  The ambient heat will have affected all but the most secluded areas, so tomorrow will have some issues with crunch crud and some super firm West faces.  The North facing Groomers will still be edge-able down to, at least, the middle elevation where you should look for any tenderizing efforts the Cat crew put in during the early morning.  Yesterday, Who Dunnit had been tilled offering a rather velvety feel, so look there for the first few to avoid the steep shots that make you grab for all you can get.  Mineral Basin, again, will be worth checking out for the early risers as the rest of the hill will begin cracking around 10:30 AM. at the earliest.  There is still a fair amount of traffic on the hill, but the lift lines are negligible providing rapid round trip action for the Vert. crew.  I will be there dark and early and will be ready to rock.   Ciao!!

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