1-09-17 by dave

The rain in the Valley finally turned to snow around the 7000′ level as I drove up the Canyon, with the wind pounding the Star Cruiser all the way up. The lifts were on hold as the wind and precipitation caused a delay.  The Morning Crew made the move to ride the Forklift Chair to wait for developments  and assess the options.  Here is a shot of the crew deep in analysis.img_0099With the wind still pounding, and the temp. on the freezing threshold, we all decided to call it a day and try again tomorrow.  Up on the hill, the lifts on the Gad side of the hill began to open around 10:45AM, with the new fallen frosting offering spreadable turns.  A front moved through the Valley around 2:00PM, delivering even more product to the hill with the associated wind.  It was an interesting day for sure.  Julia, from Living Creations, had delivered fresh table arrangements yesterday, so I found another explosion of color and form just waiting to be captured.  img_0095Tomorrow, look for more accumulation that will have fallen overnight as another impulse is on the radar.  The weather will continue to be unsettled, with more accumulation to be delivered in the next day or two.  The hill is in great shape, with the smooth lines on all aspects after all this snow and low traffic.  Dress for storm riding, and while today’s temps were on the mild side, it will still be blustery, so dress for fun.  See you in the AM. and we will try it again, and you know it is going to be great.  IBBY!!

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