1-10-17 by dave

The snow pack continues to build, as there was 5 or 6 inches of fresh frosting covering the hill.  The cold, high density frosting was the perfect addition to cover the light crust that had been deposited by that recent rime event a couple of days ago, but it is only and echo and did not really affect the quality.  The wind was whipping again today, which was transporting the goods around the hill and laying down some awesome lines that refilled all day long.  I kept lapping some of the old standbys, and was treated to un tracked lines with each visit.  Visibility was variable, however, there was plenty of detail to make line choice easy.  I still can’t get over how epic those wind lines were feeling, like “Frosting A Cake With A Paper Knife”  FZ.  img_0100Dr Pepper made his annual appearance this morning and he was really excited to get going on the fresh installment that had been delivered.  It is always great to see him here for the Season.     With the high density product, I thought the Harbor Chop was going to build, but the snow remained soft and totally blastable on all of the runs I took top to bottom.  Only the lower Cat Tracks got that linoleum feel, and that was only at the very bottom of the hill.  I met Cookie, who was with the Soddy Daisy Ski Club of Chattanooga, on one of my Zoom rides.  He was having a great time and had been here for several days.  We pointed him in the right direction for the best conditions.  Here, Tramrat is photo bombing the shot.  img_0101Tomorrow, look for another storm riding day, as the Storm Warnings are scrolling across the TV screen.  Impressive accumulation predictions are widespread and you know we are going to get our share. The warnings extend through Thursday, so we are in for more great snow.  Dress for the weather, as today, though the temps seemed mild, the chairs were very brisk.  The hill is in great shape and whatever line you choose these days will be good to go.  Speed Safely!!


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