1-11-17 by dave

Another blast of precipitation early this morning made the Canyon very greasy and began to lay down more stellar product all over the hill.  The frantic rate of snow fall made for another delayed start to the day, but Wilbre Chair was open, with fresh lines for the folks who chose that option.  The Morning Crew hit the Forklift Chair to get a jump on breakfast and be ready of the opening of the Tram, which did open access to Regulator for the Day.  The high winds were, once again, providing free refills with the new snow fall and the overnight accumulation.  Lap after lap was  an un tracked bonanza, with no pressure and exquisite quality.  It really did not matter that more terrain did not open, as those wide open wind swept areas were full on rockin’.  While  waiting for the hoped for on time opening, I got to meet Rick and Morty from Wichita, who were starting the first day of a western tour of ski areas.  They were starting here and this was anIMG_0104auspicious beginning to an exciting day and trip.  It is gonna get deep guys.   Gad 2 was offering excellent lines in the trees, as the pack gets fat and the terrain variations get mellower.  I took a couple laps there just to experience the silence and be in the trees.   I spent a few minutes on the Peak at The Summit having a hot chocolate and met Traveling Best, who were here for the firstIMG_0107time at Snowbird and were excited to be safe warm and comfy in the Summit with the storm raging all around.  I am sure they found that line of wind buffed I told them about and will be coming back for more.  It was really fun to meet them and share their stoke.  Here is a shot looking out the window at The Mineral Express as the storm howled out side.  IMG_0106Tomorrow, look for another day of storm riding as yet another impulse is setting it’s sites on the Wasatch Front.  Check the road report in the AM for restrictions, but try to get up early before the heavy stuff moves in.  The hill is in great shape, and will be offering stunning quality where ever you point your self.  I have been dialing in some of the roundest turns of the season with this phenomenal Essence.  See The Line, BE The Line!!

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