1-12-17 by dave

A fair amount of snow fell overnight and the wind had abated, so today’s offering was deep and delightful.  The Cirque Traverse was offering the early lines into Peruvian Gulch, but the Gad side lines were also deep and blower.  This has to be one of the deeper days of the season.  As more of the mountain opened, the traffic got spread out and pressure for the lifts evaporated.  I think the Essence on the Gad side was a bit lighter than the Peruvian side, but still it was a day that magazine articles are written about.  Here is a shot of Cory, who was ripping heavily!!IMG_0108We had a great time talking about the terrain options and how much the mountain changed in just a few days.   Most lines are smooth on the hill, so a full fall line approach will be rewarded . Tomorrow, look for a dusting overnight, with prepared Hydro Velvet to be insanely soft.  I am looking forward to some smooth cruising from the word go.  This is a hard post to write, as everything is good to go, so I have to just leave it at that.  Conditions are excellent wall to wall, the hill is in great shape, and there is still more waiting in the wings.  Stay Frosty!!

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