1-13-17 by dave

As anticipated, a heavenly inch of fresh Essence covered the dance floor this morning.  There was an early push for the Tram, and I opted to hit the Peruvian Express to get a jump on the traffic.  I was rewarded with un tracked perfection on Chips, Anderson’s Hill, and Lower Primrose Path, which had been buffed smooth and had that perfection that screamed 40”of Zero %!!  With the chair remaining uncluttered, I was able to make a few laps there before anyone caught on in the marginal visibility.  Off trail, the snow had begun to stiffen up, making the ride a bit more challenging to blast through the chop.  I was staying with the smooth lines to take advantage of the perfection, save my knees from a beating, and dial in as much presence as I could for each transition.  The visibility was off and on all day,  but the Sun made some tantalizing appearances at times.  Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl that looks as good as it is.  What a cycle.IMG_0111Mineral Basin opened today and The Faithful were chomping at the bit to get after it.  They were not disappointed with the very deep powder extravaganza that was waiting for them.  Visibility issues made navigating out there a bit tricky, but a stout fall line approach would keep you turning just by feel.  I stopped in to The Summit again today just to absorb the Energy blasting out of the Peak and took this shot of the dimensions of light and reflection coming from the upper floor windows.  This is just a linear moment in a Fractal Field!!IMG_0113Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, perfect carpets of Hydro Velvet top to bottom, more freshies waiting in the wings, and nice temps. to keep the day comfortable.  Coverage on the hill is fully fat, with lines filling in, terrain variations becoming muted, making any line choice good to go.  The hill is in great shape and lots of turns are still waiting to be integrated into your Akashic Wake.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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