1-14-17 by dave

As the last cycle ends, the inversion returns once again to fill the Valley with clouds, leaving the high elevations in the Sun.  Here is a shot that Revy sent to me looking from the peak over the-104Valley heavily blanketed in cloud cover.  I always think  that this is what Lake Bonneville would have looked like 12,000 years or so ago before it drained out to the Sea, leaving the Great Salt Lake the only vestige of that once huge body of water.  I bet there were some great point breaks there back in those days.  I would like to have a time machine and go back and check it out.  The  groomers were offering incredible corduroy for the morning session, with the remaining areas opening with fresh tracks for The Faithful who were on hand for the last of the leftovers. FullSizeRender-9Here is a shot of Mikey M getting a deep line on a High North aspect.  It was very deep and there were no smear moves here to make it look deeper.  It WAS that deep.  More on the way later next week and the inversion will be clearing out.  Tomorrow, look for another Hydro Velvet extravaganza for the morning session, as all the big aspects should get the magic treatment.  The Cat Crew has been doing a splendid job of making those big drops big mountain smooth.  Remember, Snowbird was back country before the Bird was built, so I try to hold that in my mind when I get those steep long pitches smooth and arcable.   My friend Dan Cameron used to tell me of his exploits over on our side of the hill before the Bird, and he was one of the young kids back in those days.  The off trail will continue to stiffen as the time goes by and the interference patterns will be building in the high traffic areas.  Coverage remains excellent with plenty of great sliding on all aspects of the hill.  See you there for the morning session.  Thanks For Sharing The DREAM!!

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