1-15-17 by dave

The sky was clear and the air was cold to start out the day, with the inversion still holding the Valley in the murky clouds.  When I got to the Peak, I had to stop and get my own shot of the IMG_0120inversion layer.  Those shadows really give it some dimension and scale.  All sides of the hill were offering the corduroy delight that had been prepared, and the Mineral Basin offering had the early morning Sun and light traffic to kick of the festivities.  A number of new lower mountain pitches had been given the treatment, with steep, dry, chalky goodness, making those offerings worth a fast lap to get it all.  Lower Primrose Path had the shavings building up in the gut, which pushed the quality into the rare category that the crew will be talking about for the rest of the season.  The High North aspects are still holding some of the soft quality, while other aspects are stiffening up.  All the entrances that have been very sketchy have become much more approachable, and I will now feel  much more confident dropping in on those lines.  Here is a look toward the South with the inversion filling in the low spots and leaving the peaks looking IMG_0124like islands.  There was quite a crowd on hand today, but the lift lines remained short and fast.  Tram laps were easy to make, and it made it that much nicer to get those buffed lines top to bottom.  Tomorrow, look for more incredible Machine Worked lines to be offering sumptuous corduroy for the morning session.  The Sun should be out again above the inversion, making the hill feel like another world.  But of course, it is!!  I attended yet another of Kazoodi’s Pizza extravaganzas last night, where lots of different styles and flavors were offered for the tasting.  IMG_0114Here is some of the gang waiting for the next pie to come out of the oven.  Mikey M, once again, brought the goods from his restaurant, Baron’s in LA., so we could sample some more of the recipes that have been in the family for generations.  Very strong work getting all the ingredients all together and baked off perfectly at high elevation.   In closing, here is a shot of Brian BeckFullSizeRender-10getting the goods yesterday out in the Exotic Trees.  The quality of the snow was all time and there is more in the forecast.  IBBY!!

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