1-08-17 by dave

There was freezing rain down here in the Valley, with cars off the road as I made my way to the mouth of the canyon.  The precipitation turned to snow at 7000′, and while the temps. were slightly above freezing at the Center, the snow fall continued all day.   The wind was whipping, and the 5 or so inches of high density frosting was being blown smooth and filled all the low areas.   The quality was exquisite, as the cushion of the product made the ride whisper smooth and every turn was effortless.  I was working the wind lines in conjunction with the Groomers to take advantage of the big drops that had been prepared overnight.  Both sides of the hill were offering great lines, with the North facing aspects in Mineral Basin benefiting from the wind direction.  Where ever you went you could find amazing goodness and there were smiles all around.  Traffic was nominal for a powder event, and the up hill capacity made for short to non existent lift lines.   img_0094I was fortunate to meet Hitomi, who was on hand for the morning freshness.  She reads this report every day and was so happy to be on the hill for such great conditions.  I know she had a great day, as she was stoked beyond measure.  Tomorrow, look for more weather as the storm warnings are scrolling across the TV screen as I write this.  There should be overnight accumulation, with more expected during the day.  The wind will continue to work the hill, so look for some exceptional smoothness wall to wall.  It is so fun to have little to no rumble anywhere.  It is a lot easier on my knees.  We are still in the Zone of the Jet Stream, so more is on the way.  There should be free refills all day tomorrow as there were today.  You have to love days when it is always un tracked.  As Joe Man the Snow Man says ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!

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