1-07-17 by dave

A new installment is on the way, and it is snowing here at The Trailer as I write this.  There are storm warnings scrolling across the TV screen, with the Weather Dude going off about the possibilities and the variations in the dynamics that are part of this system.  The next couple of days will be very interesting.  The hill was offering those corduroy lines that just let you get down and arcy.  There is no ice to worry about anymore, as it has been buried under all the recent accumulation.  I have been having a great time dialing in the juice and getting TIME stopped at will with the accuracy this Hydro Velvet provides.  And Stopping TIME is what it is all about.  Tomorrow, look for a storm day of sliding, with visibility being an issue.  You can count on the cover to be good to go, with fairly smooth lines on all aspects.  Only those lines that see A Lot of traffic will still be feeling the interference patterns, but the new snow will cushion the ride.  Here is a shot I took yesterday of the Sunday Cliffs before they opened.  The lines there were as good as it gets, with fresh frosting waiting wall to wall.  That’s spicy!!img_0079 Kazoodi had another epic Pizza party the other night, but due to road conditions I was relegated to The Trailer while the further explorations in Pizza went on with out me.  img_0015Here is Mikey M with a fresh pie on the peel on the way to the outdoor Pizza Oven.   He is multi tasking here, but then he is a pro!!  Here is a close up of another of the Pies of the nightimg_0005This is designer Pizza at it’s best, and when Kazoodi and Mike get together it is a tour d’ force!!   I can’t wait for the next exploration in Pizza.  I am hungry just looking at it.  IBBY!!

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