1-06-17 by dave

It was a clear cold morning as the Tram hit the peak.  There were still several areas left over for a day of second helpings.  The Groomers were offering over the top excellence with several major new lines prepared for the morning session while we waited for the rope drops.  Lower Primrose Path was absolutely smooth, dry, chalky, and scrumptulescent top to bottom.  I had to make several extra laps down that side to get as much of that goodness as possible.  The Sun was really bright, and the reflected light from Superior was illuminating the dance floor with a golden light.  When the bowls began to open, there was a much more relaxed move into the goods.  I like it when the pressure is off and you can think about the anticipation and execution.  Here is a shot of the Boundary Bowl area looking as good as can be.  The lines out in the Exotic Trees, just beyond this spot on the traverse, testified to the amazing quality that was still there. img_0089The stoke was high among the light turnout for the day, and got to meet some great folks who were excited to be on hand for the goods.  Here is a shot of Team Dunn, who were here doing recon for The Wilmington Ski Club of Wilmington Del.  I was excited to turn them on to what to expect from the day, and I know they got what they came to find.  What a day!!img_0086Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the Hydro Velvet on all aspects.  There are amazing corduroy lines to dial in and find your inner Ligety.  There will still be lots of soft snow to find out and about, but the East and South facing aspects are stiff and require a direct approach.  There are clouds coming this way out ahead of the next installment, so there may be some visibility issues.  Dress for the cold, as it will still be quite chilly.  Stay Frosty!!

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