1-05-17 by dave

Light flurries were still falling as the day began, after the storm left the hill covered with medium density Essence that was creamy and dreamy wall to wall.  All aspects were feeling beautiful, with total carve power easy to access.  With the brisk traffic for the morning session, I worked a contrarian game plan to stay away from the fray, and was able to get untracked lines with no one around.  The underlying rumble has been mitigated by the accumulation, and every where I went was just plain fun and delightful.  The day cleared off around Noon, and we were able to img_0071see the range in all it’s 3D glory in the pristine high altitude air.  With all the weather as of late, we have not seen this view in quite some time.  Mineral Basin opened later in the day offering quality that had hoots and hollers filling the bowls continually as The Faithful were stunned with the magic moments.  Here is a shot of the misty clouds that were floating around in back. img_0075Tomorrow, look for another clear cold day, with soft snow on all aspects.  Lines are ready for an approach of unmitigated audacity.  You will be able to carry any line you choose with no worries.  The Groomers will be off the chart luxurious, and the off trail is offering the best feel of the season.  This has been such an amazing cycle, and it is not over yet.  There is more upstream and it has it’s sights on the Wasatch.  There are still areas that have yet to be opened, so we can look forward to those openings for another chance to dig deep.  Hang on to each of these January days as they all go much too fast.  Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!

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