1-04-17 by dave

It was a very stormy morning, with a few new inches of high density Essence covering the dance floor.  The high winds shut down the Tram, but the Quads were accessing terrain that kept everyone busy working the hill.  The high winds were also moving the product around, filling in the guts and hollows as fast as it got worked.  It was free refills for all, all day long.  I kept lapping the same line, and never saw another track after the last lap.  These are the best powder days, with no pressure, sweet consistency, and turns to make one feel like Ligety!!  The trees were capturing the transported product, and beautiful lines could be found where there had been some stout rumble just the other day.  What a difference a couple of days make on the hill.  img_0065At the breakfast recon meeting, I met Team Smarty, who were celebrating  a 60th birthday for a core member.  I gave them the 411 on the prevailing conditions and recommended a few options for them to consider.  I know they found those spots just the way I described, and got all of it.  Thanks for reading my posts guys!!  Tomorrow, look for an early morning road closure, with an estimated 8AM. reopening.  Storm warning have been issued and there will be more of the Essential Substance on the way.  The hill is in great shape, with much smoother lines after the wind filled in all the  rumble with the dense product.  What a nice cycle to get for the New Year.  See you tomorrow for the continuing Shred Fest!!!  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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