1-03-17 by dave

The mountain was covered by an amazing installment of righteous Utah light that was as fine a quality as it gets.  The light density left the underlying substrate still in play, but the depth made the variations of no consequence.  There was a fair turnout  of the Faithful for the new snow, but the lifts moved them quickly, and the Tram line died out after Noon.  I got my first look at the far reaches of the Cirque Traverse, where I found very deep blower Essence that had not yet been found.  What a treat to get these lines with no pressure from behind.  The Exotic Trees were also open, where the trees were very deep, but the interference patters where well established, and the bottom was in full play.  I stayed to the edges to get the smoothest ride I could.  There really was great quality wall to wall on the hill, and anywhere you chose was great.  The wind was working the hill, moving some product here and there for some added goodness.  Here is a great shot of Sarah Cool, who was stoked to be back on the hill and visited with me for a minute while I was taking stock of the day.  It is always a treat to see Sarah.img_0064Tomorrow, look for more precipitation to be part of the mix as another system moves into the Front. When it will all start is anyone’s guess, but you can expect more great conditions to be offered wall to wall.  Look for some freshly machine worked runs that will be buttery smooth and carvelicious.  I sampled some of that goodness today on West Second South and was amazed by how exquisite it felt.  You can expect that same ” do no wrong” quality on those lines tomorrow as well.  Perfect is perfect no matter the dept.  These are the days we have been waiting for so throw down and power blast.  Speed Safely!!

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