1-02-17 by dave

8” or so of medium density Essence fell on the hill over night, making the conditions a real sensation.  The new product stuck to the old layer, and the extra cushion mitigated the rumble that was resident all over the hill.  I drove into some known interference patterns just for fun, and while they were still in play, the soft snow made them fun and workable.  I was finally able to go well off trail where I have previously avoided, finding very nice lines that made the effort well worth while.  Later in the day, the Harbor Chop began to build, but a slow round approach sliced right through the static and made for some very nice arcs.  Visibility was variable throughout the day, but generally all the important details were easy to see.  Traffic was a bit heavier, with a couple of Tram wait at times, but the chairs were offering walk on access.  Snow fell all day long and the moisture content got significantly lighter.  Traffic out of the Canyon was wall to wall at 2:00PM, so I had to wait until around 6 PM to start the drive down the canyon.  I stopped in the Cliff to check out the new remodel.  Here is a shot of the new Front Desk.  img_0058They did a stunning job with this remodel and I love the brightness and clean lines.  Here is a shot I took of the Atrium from the 9th floor.  It was a bit disorienting getting near the railing.  img_0060Tomorrow, look for significant additional snow fall, as it was seriously dumping when I left, and the forecast was for more accumulation.  The hill is in great shape and you will find great lines where ever you chose to point them.  With today’s snow cushion, additional accumulation will be icing on the cake, and what a cake it is.   Check for road restrictions in the AM.  IBBY!!

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