1-22-12 by dave

Did you ever have one of those dreams, where you could just never get to what you wanted to get to?  I have these dreams where I am at the beach, the surf is picture perfect, I am ready to go out, and no matter what, I can never get to the point of paddling out.  Well, today was one of those dream days, where the Sun was shining, a mega dose of fresh Essence building the excitement level, new skis ready to make me feel like a rock star, but we just could not get to the line up, and when we did, all we could do was stare at the perfection unfolding in front of our eyes.  Here is a shot of Harper’s East looking dream like, except this is no dream. This is the real deal.  I could not find any where to park, the chairs were still on hold, and the faithful were standing around looking at the tubes pealing off in the line up, so I was relegated to drive back down the Canyon to watch the New England game.  What are you going to do?   The FB chatter indicated that the lifts began operation just before 2:00 PM and were going to run a little longer.  The Tram was offering just Regulator only to start, so an afternoon on the couch was a fine alternative.  The faithful will be having a great time, if the turns in this photo are any indication.  The density is still high, but the quality is very sweet and tasty, so there is no doubt that the day was worth the wait on all levels.  A big THANK YOU to all the snow safety folks,  grooming crew, and everyone who worked so hard to get things started in this most unusual cycle!!


I will have a more detailed assessment for tomorrow, as I get a first hand look at the hill up close and personal, as opposed to a frustrating tour of the parking lot looking for a landing spot….., but…… NO!   Tomorrow, my dreams, and yours will come true!!  Peace Out!!

3 Responses to “WILD DREAM”

  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    Hey Dave:
    It’s not as high-density as you might think. We skied the hell out of the Back today, and it was as good as any day last season. The final installment was medium-fluff, and there were heroes all over the mountain. I saw a couple of major slides in the backcountry, so it’s still a bit “iffy” out there.
    See ya in a couple of months….

  2. Ciao Dave,

    Patience is a virtue…I know, I know, I never claimed to be virtuous either! Enjoy the pow today! I know you will!
    See you soon.

  3. Oats says:

    Definitely not as good as last year unless you like hitting rocks, and low angle slopes. I am not complaining since it was hands down the best day of this season so far.

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