1-23-12 by dave

After  I bailed on yesterday’s blue skies and fresh snow, I had hoped that today would have made up for what I missed, but a stout South wind had scoured Regulator leaving only  variable consistency, marginal visibility, and another fine turnout by the Faithful, but clearly the swell was blown out.  There was a slight delay on the Tram opening, with only Regulator open for the morning session.   At 12:45, the Peruvian Gulch opened, so I made a bee line to Rat’s Nest, to get into Great Scott for the first time this season.  The plastic carpet, the patrol placed in the upper section, was a welcome buffer to the rocks and the extraneous spleefage that inhabits that section.   Scott proper was very nice with the wind blowing all the cover into that exposure.  The traffic was brisk going into the entrance, so I just got out of the way as the fast movers dropped in without regard to the exposed scree in the upper section of the run.  Below the upper section the cover was quite good.  Extensive slide activity has stripped much of the Middle Cirque,  and many other high angle aspects, leaving the slope exposed down to the rocks, and depositing the debris down the slope to the bottom of the fall line.  There were sections that had some serious chunks and slabs to work through, so keep those in mind when you drop into some of the lines.   Gad 2 offered the best snow of the day, with boot top deep frosting that covered the dance floor, and smoothed all the interference patterns. Snow is moving in now, so tomorrow, expect more accumulation to add to the fun.  Check the road report for closure if we get a substantial amount, but I am betting on a good access morning.  The hill is shaping up, and soon all the sections will be open, but there is still much to be covered first.   See you there dark and early!!   IBBY!!!

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