1-21-12 by dave

Just like shots of Tequila lined up on the bar, the impulses are lined up to make us drunk with the Essence.  I will be falling off the stool before this is all over.  The Trailer was rocking hard in the prefrontal wind, and the rain was insistent on the skin, signalling that the hill was getting hammered again, even though Mr Weather Presenter said it would come mid day.  I am not going to complain about the timing, however, the rain did  turn to snow on the bench at 2:30PM, so I guess they were right about that.  From the chatter that I was hearing, the chairs were opening as available, with a large turn out of the faithful to partake of the goodness.  The Canyon will be closed in the morning, so plan on a wait, especially as it is still coming down hard here at the Trailer as I write this, so check the road report before heading out.  Conditions?  It’s going to be big.  Many lines are going to be good to go now, that were less than advisable just the other day. So here we are, standing on the threshold of a dream.  I will see you there when I can casually arrive.  Ciao!!

2 Responses to “GETTING HAMMERED”

  1. Chris Thiel says:

    Dave Brother. Good to see you at Christmas. Arriving Tuesday Feb. 7…See you then.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey Dave: I dig the updates…I’ll be tuning in regularly from my Kootenay abode. Check out my BC blog at Three more days of Utah pow before I head home!

    cheers, Ryan

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