1-20-12 by dave

The first Tram went off on time this morning, with a 20 Degree temp, and a strong wind blowing out of the North .  Visibility was vague at best until you got below the first 500′.  The wind had blown the sections smooth, featuring some of the best carvelicious texture of the season, punctuated by blown clean sections of glaze that made it that much more interesting.  Over all, the icy sections were sparse, and well cushioned by the fresh Natural Grooming, making today another solid step toward that picture post card that we know and love. The forecast is for some snow tonight, with  the next installment moving in tomorrow mid day,  so we are in the zone.   What an exciting time it is to be here.  I have been going off trail, skiing runs I have avoided, and while I have nicked a couple of rocks here and there, the cover is improving quickly, though some of those heavily bumped lines still remain well defined, but have been much more negotiable  with the wind filling in the troughs.  Keep an eye out for Mineral to open tomorrow. It is just a hunch, so keep an eye out.   I still have not even looked into Rat’s Nest to see how it looks, but I will be taking a look soon as we get this snow worked in.  I want to be surprised instead of terrified.  It has been getting some traffic, so it must be improving, especially since thy installed that plastic carpet on the upper section.  I will be off tomorrow for R and R, so I’ll see you  Sunday.  Peace Out!!

3 Responses to “RIPPING WIND”

  1. dave says:

    was on 1st tram and then took my first 3runs thru rat’s nest y’day, the carpet is nice but be careful as it ends abruptly w/ a small but poorly positioned stump, that which is needing to be rightly sawyer’d , I don’t ski with a laser or I’d have taken care of it

  2. Waiting says:

    Where is the rats

  3. dave says:

    Rat’s Nest is the entrance to Great Scott via the Silver Fox entrance. Thanks to Dave for giving us a first person account. Things should be getting better with all the new dense snow. Finally getting to ski some interesting lines.

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