1-19-12 by dave

Faithfully in attendance.

The first real solid installment of freshness was delivered overnight, which drew the Faithful early for the first tracks.  The warm temps of the morning, coincided with the high density, Spackle like quality, which was the perfect quality to cover, and stick to the existing snow pack.  I skied lines I would not have skied yesterday for any reason.  Today it was a new ball game.  The energy was super high, with the pent up energy being released in some fine displays of fall line commitment where ever you looked.  The other side of that feature is the need to be checking the surrounding activity to avoid moving into some one’s  full fall line assault.  Can’t blame them for committing to the line, so special attention is warranted.  There was an amazing amount of slide activity coming out of all the steep pitches, which had deposited some of the debris out on the open slope, featuring shrubberies and other assorted vegetation.  It did not present any real problem, but it did indicate the power of the snow.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, with  the main runs being given the smoothing treatment.  Some of the high aspects were groomed by the wind during the day today, so the peripheral sections will offer some of Mother Natures finest grooming for the early risers.  The density of the snow was buoyant and luxurious, with out the stickiness that such moisture content might indicate, so the conditions have moved into another level entirely.  Gone is the skittering and sliding, hoping for some traction, now you can dial the line and arc the turn-  Thank You!!!  I forgot what that felt like.  See  you in the AM. as we get to knock the air out of another batch!!! IBBY!!

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  1. clairebear says:

    Oh Yes! The sport I have been doing for the past two months was NOTHING like what was done yesterday. Fall line assault indeed! I did not dare veer from my chosen path as I knew there were others right out of my sight line doing the same thing. Almost waterskiing it was, but I agree with you, Dave. The quality was superb considering the density factor. I checked Alta’s website this morning. The last two inches of snow that fell had almost a HALF INCH of water! 23%. Yikes. No wonder my legs got shakey after a couple of hours. Pushing spackle is hard work, but I will be up for early installments regardless of my quads complaint.

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