12-22-14 by dave

After a late Canyon opening and a full on powder panic, the Bird was not going to open for the day due to the wild blizzard that has been raging for the past couple of days.  Ultra high moisture content, combined with powerful winds, made for some dangerous conditions.   We all have been focusing of getting snow on the hill, and we are getting it in spades.  The wind was just ferocious and you could tell from the deck you did not want to be hanging on a chair in those conditions.  I rode the Forklift Chair until the road cleared out and did some shopping.  This snow is going to really set the base up for what is yet to come, as there is much more in the forecast through the Christmas weekend.  With the last ergs of energy in my camera’s battery I was able to get this marginal shot of the faithful lined up for the Canyon opening.  It is hard to tell, but the line extends way down around that last corner and beyond.  Pent up demand!!DSC02370The Canyon will be closed again in the morning, so lay back and drink some coffee while everything gets sorted out.  A big thanks to all the folks on the hill who were working their tails off trying to get things open.  The Staff at the Forklift were really doing a nice job dealing with full house pressure.  Thanks gang, the breakfast was great.  When you do get up on the hill, expect some challenging snow conditions that have been whipped by the wind.  The high moisture content will make the new snow tricky, but the Groomers should be really nice and consistent.  Off trail, much improved cover will open up lots of lines that I was avoiding and the interference patterns will be buried for a while.  There could also be some very nice wind slab that, perhaps, will be supportable.  I will be looking for those lines for nature’s finest buffage.  This is great, and those who were sweating if the conditions would be good for the Christmas vacation are now going to quite pleased.  See you when I get up there in the AM.  Stay Frosty!!

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