12-21-14 by dave

The rain was insistent with the patter on the Trailer a welcome sound that kept me sleeping deeply.  Up on the hill that translated into 4 or 5” of perfect Spackle on the hill.  This is exactly what we needed to receive to build the base and put the rocks well underneath the pack.  The wind was howling and it was seriously dumping, but the Tram was operating all morning long.  Regulator was the only run open off the peak, but the other chairs in the Gad Valley were offering access to the freshness.  The high moisture content made it a very wet day to ski, though it was not raining, you almost needed a Bagner to stay dry.  Harbor chop built up quickly on the main runs, making a slow and careful line through the variations advisable  to avoid being beat up by the rumble in the very poor visibility.  The Peruvian side of the hill remained closed for the day, and the Tram closed due to high winds in the early afternoon.  I bailed to beat the Canyon conditions that were deteriorating quickly.  Tomorrow, expect the Canyon to be closed for control work in the AM, so check the Bird Site for updates. This weather system is predicted to continue through tomorrow, bringing additional accumulation all day.  Be sure to dress for chair riding in case the Tram is delayed.  The conditions are a real Holiday Present for all of us, and the hill will now be good to go wall to wall as soon as it begins to open up.  I will be bringing out the new skis now, and heading out to everywhere.   Here is a shot of some of the Santas that were converging on the hill in a display of holiday fun. DSC02367It reminds me of the spring time Running of the Elvi.  This was just one group of Santas that were making the scene on the Plaza.   While I was riding the Forklift Chair, Scuba Santa walked in to get some breakfast.  Here is a great shot of him just after he shook off all the snow that covered him.  That is one jolly elf.  DSC02368Tomorrow it will be time to begin the process of troweling the new product into the hill, so be prepared to get this new Essence on you.  See you for the fun when the Canyon opens.  IBBY!!!

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