12-20-14 by dave

The hill was overcast this morning as the weather is just beginning to move into the area.  A light snow fell on and off and the visibility remained variable.  Groomers were offering the best consistency, but the off trail is becoming much more approachable with each additional installment.  It is great to have all the new terrain to peruse and ply in advance of more snow.  At least we will get a good look at the lines for when the goods are filling the dance floor.   Weather forecast is still looking good as I write this, with the clouds beginning to lower in the West.  That is a good sign.  Here is a shot I took the other day when the sky was ultra Blue with these frosted over branches looking cool in the sharp contrast.   I just had to stop and take this shot. DSC02352 Tomorrow, look for weather to be a factor as the system should be well ensconced by tomorrow, with precipitation lasting through Monday.   I am expecting this to put a totally new face on the hill and all areas will need to be re scouted for accuracy.  I will be going out and about with more confidence now that there will be some much needed frosting to spread around.   I will be back with a first hand look tomorrow after my day of rest and watching the Utes work the magic.  Go Utes!!!!

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  1. marie says:

    love the trees when thye look like this.

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