12-23-14 by dave

The road was open earlier than  I expected and I was able to drive right up, no problem.  The faithful were there, and on the way to sample some of what Mother Nature provided.   There was  a delay in the opening of the hill for control work and here is a shot of the faithful looking at the goods and dreaming the dreams. DSC02373   The heavy density early snow was covered by a medium density cold snow that felt like silk on off trail sections, which were very well covered by this new installment.  Take a look at this shot of  Lower Silver Fox and see how fat it is now.  I did not look like this the other day, but it is looking fat and fun now.DSC02372  The hill was getting worked over very quickly, but it seemed to hold up nicely, with a soft silky feel.  Tomorrow, look for more of the mountain to be opened and excellent conditions wall to wall.   Care still needs to be taken, but the cover is getting good enough to let fly.  I am getting my new Dynastar Shams waxed up to try out on this new surface.   I will be entering the Dimensional Portal to another part of the Galaxy for the next few days, meaning that I might not be able to break through the Quantum Foam to post.  I will try my best.  New snow coming for the holiday. These are the best days of the season and the snow stays good all day.  Speed Safely!!!

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  1. marie says:

    Thank you for the update. You allow those of us whose heart lives on the mountain to connect.

  2. Mark says:

    Awesome day but be advised heavy wet layer on lighter layer means avalanche risk…play it safe everyone.

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