12-26-14 by dave

I stepped back through the Hyper Dimensional Portal to find myself amidst the horses in the corral just a few feet from the Trailer that was covered in very light Essence. The horses were quite perplexed at my sudden appearance.  Back here in the Wasatch, the goods were delivered in abundance for all the faithful who were waiting for things to kick in.  Temps have dropped, bringing some of the very light snow traveling on the Northwesterly flow over the lake, to drop lightly on the Front.  Nice touch.  Up on the hill, there had been additional accumulation overnight that was fluffulescent.  Having been off Planet for these past few days, and the Quantum Foam turbulence having kept me from posting, I will wait till tomorrow’s post to get the first hand look at the hill.  Here is a shot that my buddy Neil sent of his peak experience the other day. -84 That is post card perfect.  Folks have been asking me if I thought that it was going to be getting good after the first weeks of training conditions.  I always hold the Promise of the Wasatch in my mind, and it seems like we have been gifted indeed.  Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation, cold temps, awesome conditions and  fairly busy traffic.  I anticipate all of the aspects that are open to be soft and good to go.  Be sure to use the lift system to optimize the uphill pace.  The High Speed lifts have changed the game plan wall to wall.  See you there for the early turns.   Peace Out!!


  1. Jerry G says:

    Guru Dave

    Love the site and thanks for all of your input. I’m returning to Snowbird again – since early December – and looking for the great Wasatch snow. This time I’m coming with 12 others from Central California, and will be saying at a large house in Sandy. It is almost easier to get to SLC rather than the struggles at Tahoe with the traffic and crowds.

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