3-07-12 by dave

There was 3” of fresh Essence here at the Trailer this morning, but only a half inch on the Hill, which made it look like a fresh coat of White Wash all over everything.  The wind pushes some of the freshness into the low areas, but over all the high density quality made the ride much better than yesterday.  Bright Sun made Mineral Basin the place to get things going, offering quiet uncrowded runs all morning long.  The West facing exposures really got crisp, with the Cirque Traverse holding a high glaze, fast snow, and some freshness in the troughs to let you scrub off some speed.  The Wind also laid out some wind lines on various aspects, which were naturally buffed to perfection.   I was hitting those lines too, as the movement through the rotation made them available.  Clouds moved in after lunch, obscuring the Sun from time to time, and I left after the lights went out in the later afternoon.  Tomorrow, look for warmer temps as the High Pressure moves in, but the early runs still will be offering some dry chalky lines on the High North and North East aspects, but expect those South and West facing lines to be crispy until after lunch.   The Exotic Trees are fairly well worked over, with some tough exit issues as you get lower in that area.  Here is a shot of the Morning Sun and great visibility out in Mineral Basin, just before I went out to sample the smooth and fast.  It looks like heaven to me and feels like it too.   See you in the AM for the morning session.  IBBY!!

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