3-08-12 by dave

It was quite chilly this morning for the first runs, and I was glad to have worn the extra layer, but the Sun was shining brightly pushing the temps North.   Perfect prepared surfaces revealed the distinct tracks of the Carvasaurous Rex along with Trenchzilla, that were laid side by side in the fresh corduroy.  I have never seen them personally, but those tracks don’t lie!!!    The front side of the hill still was favoring the High North, with the Grooming crew providing some exquisite drops on the lower mountain that kept me lapping the Tram to get as much as possible.   The smooth held up all day, with the exception of the due South facing aspects that got soft and pliant.   Those aspects will be frozen in the AM, so plan on working the Sun angles as the day progresses.   Wind slab goodness is evident on many faces, holding up to full on edge sets without breaking  through.  That is just another kind of perfect, with no pressure, no lines, and continuous Groovelocity all day long.  Tomorrow, look for the wind slab lines to still be holding up, the Groomers to be Hydrovelvet smooth, and the traffic to be light.   These days are a combination of Spring and Winter all at the same time.  I went hatless after lunch, which was still a bit brisk, but not a brain freezer.  With the exception of the West and


South facing aspects, the off trail is still offering some nice dry chalky lines, but there is wide spread wind rumble to deal with in between those smooth lines.   Just a bit of bounce, but not bad for exploration purposes.   Here is a shot of the Bookends looking big and smooth.   See you in the AM.    Ciao!!!

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