3-09-12 by dave

29 degrees on the peak, beautiful Sun pouring over the hill, let me go without a hat from the word go.  The Grooming crew prepared some very sweet surprises for the morning crew.  Mineral Basin had some sweet  drops that are not often treated, so I spent time ground pounding the goodness before it was discovered.  The High North is still holding the smooth, dry, chalky, wind buff, which is resisting the traffic, remaining solid and trustworthy.  High traffic areas are becoming more highly worked, creating some very abrupt interference patterns, but there are good lines on the boarders to skirt the rumble.  The Sun worked the direct exposures, and will be very crisp in the AM, but will soften quickly with the warmer temps predicted.    Big open rippers really draw the fast movers, so a vigilant eye uphill is mandatory, as the unbridled enthusiasm is in full effect.  West facing is still a bit rough, as it escapes the softening that help other aspects, so go with an eye for challenge.   They are certainly not undo-able,


but they are variable.   There should be a bit more traffic tomorrow,  making the early morning the time to get the best of the day.    Here is a shot of the Bookends looking formidable, which they are.  I am taking a day off tomorrow, so I will see you Sunday.  Peace Out.

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  1. chris thiel says:

    yeah baby…toad hill…first skied by myself, spot and billy barham and brian barrett in march 1979…twice with hikes out and up…same day…billy and i went up a third time that day and skied the endless chute east of the pipe…

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