3-10-12 by dave

Pagan Bowl

It seems like spring here in the Valley, as I worked in just a T shirt and shorts while I washed the winter dirt off the trailer.   There was a hard freeze overnight, which left Mineral Basin quite frozen for the morning session.  The Chef went ripping out there and took the White Diamonds shot, which had been mowed yesterday but not last night, finding it frozen, chunky, bumpy, and not the kind of surface you want when you have made that kind of commitment to the fall line.   He pulled out the line with out incident, but he was wound up tight when he related his experience, so expect more firmness in the back first thing in the morning as well as Regulator.   The North facing aspects are still holding the cold, dry, chalky consistency, but be vigilant as the aspects change, as you might suddenly find an abrupt change in the ride.   No doubt, the back side will soften up nicely as the warmth works the bowl, so time your visit to the back side with that in mind.  The hill is still holding some very smooth lines, so you can expect much the same tomorrow as today.   I will get a close look for tomorrow’s post after I drive around a bit.  Here is a shot of Pagan Bowl from the Alta boundary.   See you in the AM.   Ciao!!

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