3-11-12 by dave

The temp. was warm on the peak this morning, so I took a chance and dialed in Mineral Basin to take advantage of the Sun.  The time change made the front of the hill extra dark to start things out.  The first hour took advantage of the smooth and granular Grooming which really felt luxurious.  Things got progressively more skied off after the traffic got on it.  The Front side of the hill had been tenderized, with smooth steep offerings top to bottom.  The warm days make the direct exposures soft and spring like later in the day,


while the North faces are still holding the cold dry chalky winter feel.   You get a very high contrast, especially after the back gets soft.   Tomorrow, look for the a similar timing, which includes the entire day from bell to bell.  It only matters the order of your aspect selection, so follow the Sun.   It will be a quiet morning as the the traffic will have fallen off with the firm conditions, but there are still plenty of really good lines to choose from.   I was able to go with out a hat all day long, but check the AM temp. for verification.   Better that then brain freeze.   See you in the AM  for fun.   Peace Out!!

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