3-12-12 by dave

With the past few days having been so warm and approachable,  this morning’s stout South wind kept the temps. on the brisk side, which did nothing to soften Mineral Basin much until very late in the day.  I was running without a hat after Noon, but I was always on the verge of a brain freeze, but didn’t quite.  The heavily traveled off trail sections are holding some very well defined interference patterns, with deep troughs, but are still dry and chalky on the North faces.  The big open bowl sections are quite scoured and, while edge-able, are a bit rough and sometimes punchable. The big entrances are quite tricky now that all the available access lines have been worked to death, so access is a test of intestinal fortitude in many cases.  The high wind did not transport much to fill in the rough sections, but there were still Gems to be found here and there with a bit of looking.  Those Gems  paid some sweet dividends, if you approached the perfection each held withing the parameters of the right appreciation.  I was mining those few lines time after time leaving the goods again for tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, look for the Grooming crew to have once again tenderized the big runs, but the early morning is very dark with the time change.  I still have to get used to the timing that the Sun provides, but I expect another slow softening day.   Take the long look for the little Gems that still are available, and mine the rarities that are out and about.   Don’t expect a heat wave, and under dress, as it is better to take it off than need it and not have it.   See you in the AM for a rock fest, no pun intended.  Here is a shot of the scouring of the off trail which can be found in most places, but there are still many lines of goodness.     IBBY!!

Relief patterns

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