3-06-12 by dave

High wind, flat light, and some firm conditions greeted the morning crew today.   The high wind did not seem to bother the Tram as it continued to run back to back, though it did slow down going by tower 4.  The warmth of the past two days set the snow pack up to such a degree that there was precious little for the wind to transport to the waiting exposures.  Overall the ride a was a bit rough, though the Groomers were consistent and were getting what little transport that was available.  Flat light was wall to wall, with very little definition, however the smoothness made the guess work much easier.   The front finally moved through after the hill closed, so the accumulation will be fresh for the morning.   Be sure to check the road report for possible restrictions that might crop up if we get a significant installment.  Remember, the  South and West facing crunchiness off trail, which might reflect through the new snow.   Most other aspects are fairly smooth with dry chalky lines, and will not be as critical.   This is the time of year that these issues must be taken into account concerning line choice.   This approaching impulse is looking good, and will go a long way to bringing the hill back into the soft zone.   Here is a shot of

Boundary Bowl

Boundary Bowl that I took on Sunday while I was exploring the Exotic trees.  Ahhhh!  Smooth, dream like, and just waiting for some stability.    See you in the AM.   Peace Out!!

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