White Noise

4-20-09 by dave

As predicted, Monday was frozen solid.  Though the temp. in the parking lot was 39 degrees at 8:00 AM., there was no hint of softening on the hill.  The National Academy is here through Thursday so plan on getting in line a little early if you want to catch first boat.  They all went out to Mineral Basin first off so the Tram was not busy after the first wave.  The heat has affected all elevations and exposures so you will want to take that into consideration for the morning session.  I detected slight softening beginning at 11:00 AM on the front side, so there is a significant lag in the skiability.  The Cat crew has been cut back , so the grooming is not as extensive as before, though the main sections are being addressed and continue to be good, though firm, even during the morning noisy part.  The Forklift chair, again, offered a perfect venue to wait out the crunch.  Tomorrow will be a repeat of today, so no hurry if you want to arrive for the softening.   The canyon was also under a watch today, after Noon, due to warming and slide danger, bear that in mind as you plan.  I had to leave early to take care of my critters and I could not get caught by a closure.  See you early tomorrow !!!

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