Spare The Bullets

4-19-09 by dave

Sunday is the beginning of the high pressure bubble, which is moving into the area for the next while.  I dressed for” how I wanted it to be” and was handed an ice cream headache for my assumption as the morning was rather brisk.  I took a run out in Mineral Basin, looking for the early softening, but was greeted by rather crusty conditions, which were quite a while from softening.  The Peruvian side was a touch more edgeable, but the lowest sections were BULLET PROOF.  I made a bee line for the comfort of the FORKLIFT CHAIR, which can always be counted on for goodness.  It seems that many others had the same idea and we all had a great time conversing and waiting for softening to occur.  By 11:00 AM the sections began to get softer making for very carvable lines.  The crud sections were going to require more heating to become negotiable.  The high north sections still had vestiges of cold snow , but the bumps were rising so care was required.  Full on sun is the rule today so the morning will revisit a similar scenario.  Let the hill soften and take your time as the spring cycle is here in earnest.  A bit of information you should be aware of:   the Gad Zoom chair will be closed for the season, beginning tomorrow, and the lower half of Big Emma will be closed due to work being done in preparation for the summer season.  You will have to exit Big Emma via the Bass highway to get back to the Tram.  Wilbre chair will still be open however, but , no doubt, there will not be shuttle service out of Gad valley, so don’t get stuck down there; it’s a long walk back to the center.  OK,  that’s about all for now, see you tomorrow.  I still have some time left before… well let’s not think about that shall we!!

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