Twins Extravaganza

4-21-09 by dave

Tuesday morning broke a bit warmer than past mornings.  The temp. was 39 degrees at 8:10 AM in the parking lot as I arrived.   The ” Extreme Groomer” had, once again, mowed the Big Boom Bah on the lower mountain.  Though you had to give it the proper amount of softening time, there it stood waiting for the break.  The timing on the softening was a touch earlier this morning with Mineral Basin going off early with the warmer start.  The front was still going to hold out until 10:30 plus to get good.  I took the opportunity to climb the American Fork Twins to take advantage of the succulent corn goodness that waited for the ambitious.  Pipe Line was off limits , but that left a plethora of options to chose from.  Timing is everything and too late is to be avoided.  Massive roller balls had come down in previous days so the big danger of a wet slide is very real and ominous.  Getting back in area found all systems go with softened corn wall to wall and areas of glue to negotiate, especially on the cat tracks.  Tomorrow will be a replay of today, but I think the South wind might start kicking up.  They have roped off lower Gad valley from the Bass highway down and are digging the snow pack out so do not venture below the line.  The shuttle is running a truncated route, so that is a big help getting back up from the Wilbre chair if you need that service.  I am still going ,personally, with a first Tram program , but that is me, you may want to wait for the larger softening to happen which I would target for 11:00AM.  Late afternoon gets too grabby for my knees so I have to bail, but go with what you like and I will see you in the AM…. or not!!!

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  1. George and Lisa Lewis says:


    Your daily commentary on our favorite ski mountain is excellent.

    Would you mind sharing your experience of climbing the ridge up to the pipeline? I have never attempted to climb the ridge and would like to get feedback from someone like you who has made the journey.

    Hoping to ski the pipeline someday but do not want to slip on the trek up in a no fall zone.



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