12-12-16 by dave

As anticipated, the corduroy was off the charts perfect today, with Regulator offering perfect, dry, chalky wind slab that was absolutely sensational.  While the Groomers where firm, they had just the right amount of velvet to let you lay it over like Ligety!!.   There was a stout wind blowing out of the Northwest, which began transporting the loose snow and depositing it in long flowing lines that stretched down the hill.  Later in the day, those lines would become threads of perfection that kept me doing laps to get the goods when they were happening.  Both sides of the hill were offering great lines, with upper Silverfox getting that wind slab smooth consistency that is rare and perfect.    The morning crew took a tour of the Gad 2 chair, where we found more exceptional groomers that had an even softer feel with the lack of traffic that it has seen this season.  Here is a shot of The Tram Rat and Captain Jake standing at the top of  Gad 2 with the Twins in the background.  dsc04156Overall , the wind improved the conditions a lot since yesterday, and I think the wind will continue to do great things all over the hill.  Tomorrow, look for those lines of goodness on both sides of the hill.  Look for those low hollows and aspect tilts that catch the transport.  With the super light traffic, it is a wall to wall, ground pounding fun fest.  Dial in your deepest turns and extract as much juiciness as you can from each run.  These days really offer the best snow of the season, which is unaffected by the Sun or the temperature gradients that affect the pack later in the season.   More snow is coming, so get ready for the goods.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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