12-13-16 by dave

The Groomers and the wind worked lines were the big feature of today’s carving extravaganza.  Light traffic made the hill feel like a private resort.  I was working  the wind lines I remember from yesterday and ventured into some areas I have not been all season to get the smooth velvety wind slab that nature provided.  Both sides of the hill were offering excellent lines and it just took some exploration to find yours.  There was plenty to go around and there never was a build up of chop, which kept me on the hill until 3PM.   High Baldy opened today, so I took a little jaunt to check out the lines.  The snow there was very deep and very thick, which required my full fall line, drive line technique to focus the power needed to blow thought it.  There was a bit of a zipper crust on it just to add to the excitement.  As the hill gets worked, the consistency improves and some of the features are better revealed.  dsc04159I get to meet great folks every day and I met Meeshang who was really stoked to be here and is ready to ride the wave as it breaks on the hill in the next few days.  The weather dude promises snow for tomorrow, but it looks to be light flurries.  All those wind worked lines remain smooth and supportable, so work those same lines when they get covered with fresh.  Much of the breakable that I ran into some days ago is gone, so dial in your line and get it all.  There may be a punchable spot or two, however, and light touch and easy transitions will keep you on top.  Visibility will be variable again as it was today, with some periods of very flat light.  See you there for the fresh smooth lines.  See the line, Be the line!!

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