What a difference a day makes

2-08-09 by dave

A smattering of fresh overnight,combined with yesterday’s application made the beginnings of a rather nice day.  The bottom was still fully in play but was mitigated a bit by the heavier density snow.  Continued massaging will help the overall consistency but that will take more product which, apparently, is well on  the way.  North facing is still got some bump build up and west facing still has the crunch factor going.  Continued vigilance is still in order .   I got caught several times today but remained standing; I hate to fall, I might break a hip.   Took a couple of sojourns to the outer reaches to check things out and  found some fluff looking north and large bumps further to the west.  Popular shots still taking a beating so a sizable dump will be required to get that back in shape.   Snow tonite and stormage tomorrow will put the best face on and will, no doubt, get better as the day progresses.   Major reefs are starting to get covered suffiiently and can be given closer passes.   Wind still a factor and there is more snow to transport so follow the wind .   That’s a   wrap.   Later.

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