Super deep 3”

2-06-09 by dave

Wind just howlin’ at the house.  Will the tram run?   Report says 3” of new and there was just a skiff in the parking lot.   8:00 AM  tram went off as I was walking up, so that was a good sign.   First run was at least boot top deep all the way down.   It was deeper in many wind deposited spots.   Very silky, smooth and ski-able.   The density had some weight to it but not a problem as it will stick nicely and begin the first of many applications in the near future.   Fairly light crowd due to the weather and report so big bonus for those who showed up.   It was important to remember the lines from this week as the bottom was very much in play.   I sought out those smooth aspects and avoided the bumpy areas for my knees.   Snow continued all day and the sun made very brief appearances on a couple of occasions.   West and south facing were extremely crunchy underneath but new snow gave it a little cushion, though one would not want to get carried away for fear of snow snakes which lurk after a dry spell.  Forecast is for snow all week so it is going to be goooood!!!!  Now,  where did I put my snorkel?

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