Training day

2-05-09 by dave

Lights out in the AM,   very flat light.   Wind was crankin on the peak and fairly warm temps with it but the existing pack is nailed down pretty tight and was not moving as in previous days.   I stayed close to the machine worked runs to work on some technical subtleties which will come into play when conditions get soft.  It is a form of cross training.  Perfect , carvable wind slab offers opportunities to work on hand position and extension, etc.   The day was warm but never got overly soft as overcast kept sun off the snowpack. North facing sections still building bumps but new snow and wind should mitigate that with some luck.  Most areas still fairly smooth so look for the ignored lines and save your knees .   Forecast looks promising so stay tuned as conditions will be changing rapidly for the better and softer.   Keep those positive visualizations going.  Ciao!!!

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