Drivin with the top down

2-04-09 by dave

26 degrees at the peak on first tram.   It was set up for a rippin day and it did not disappoint.  Sun angle still low enough and temps just cool enough to keep things chilled.   South aspects and knolls are getting wet and must be waited on to soften but north and east faces still cold and chalky.  North is building bumps in the high traffic areas as one would expect.   Winds have backed off a bit and did not do the thing last night.  The groom patrol  did what only mother nature could do and nailed the perfect zone.  I had my wings out all morning and it was super sonic.   Where else can you let loose like that.  Sun did its warming again and the far reaching west exposures were quite punchy but much better   where traffic massaged the surface.   Close  attention to the slightest variation in aspect can really make a huge difference in consistency ,so watch closely.  The big bubble is about to pop so get ready !!!!

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