Deep deeper deepest

2-09-09 by dave

A magical day with the canyon closing right behind me after a motorist left the road.   Snowing harder than hard with first tram going off on time.   Some run restrictions to start but Mini B opened up and drew some of the folks after road had re opened.  A solid 12” out of the shoot but multiple inch per hour rate kept the depth building at an amazing rate.  By 1:00PM there were suffocating shots and a reduction in attendance occurred as the road was closing again for shooting.   Walk on trams and totally blower conditions continued till the bitter end with the road re  opening for short window.      The bottom crunch has all but gone though bump remnants remain but are softly cushioned by the new.  Wind was a large factor but did not seem to be getting slaby on the hammer side and was double deep on the lea side.   Fresh lines still to be found on last tram . More over night snow in the forecast so canyon closure in the Am could be problematic but that comes with the territory.   MEGA day !!!!

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