dang’d deep day.

2-10-09 by dave

Yet another totally blower day.  It is all just frosting on the cake from here on.  Mini B  was sunny on first tram and front side was still storming hard.  It was like two separate dimensions .  Wind kissed the back side ever so slightly but it was  really nice.  Snow continued all day with the lightest of light lacey flakes.  When the sun popped out briefly there  was this 2 ” layer of angel dust on the  top of the new.  Very rare sight.  Toured around and found all aspects skiing great.  The weather says a small break and more up stream so this is turning into a great cycle.  Big turn out today and tram was packed.  I opted for some chairs for a while and got back in deep quickly.   Cloud cover really preserved the snow so tomorrow should be great  all over.   Pick your spot !!!!

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