1-16-11 by dave

Well, it rained all the way up the Canyon this morning, changing to snow at the White Pine Trail head.  When first Tram went off it was still snowing lightly, though the trend was moving toward drizzle.  By the time I got back down, it was indeed raining on the Plaza.  The snow on the hill was desert frosting smooth, with the high density sweetening the ride.  I took advantage of the big Grooming that had been provided, and put in many extra turns to get as much of the essence as I could work in.  I am working on the ” More Is More”  concept, where I try to get as much out of each run as possible, especially when  a rarity is involved.   I made a second run, with the back to back access open for the few takers, only to find the precip. was now slushing on my goggles.  I had to actually hold my poles in one hand while I wiped the slushy accumulation off with every turn.  I needed windshield wipers, but my glove would have to suffice. I made a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair, where warm and dry seats were waiting for me.  When I finally called it day after breakfast,  there were some snowflakes mingled with the drizzle, but that was a wrap for me.  The snow was really silky and smooth, but the continued drizzle began to saturate the new pack on the lower elevations, creating the dodgy harbor chop.  I am sure the storm will cool, making this morning’s Spackle a good preparatory layer for the goodness to come.  Tomorrow, look for freshies to be wall to wall, with the higher density essence covering the rumble on the off trail.  I am anticipating a real great week coming up, so don’t let the rarity of the rain harsh your joy.   See you in the AM.   IBBY!!!

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