1-17-11 by dave

The rain pounded on the Trailer all night long, so I was expecting at least 8 to 10” for the morning.  My Text Messages said the Canyon was closed for avalanche control and would open shortly after  8:00 AM.  My stoke was abruptly squelched when there was not a flake to be seen in the parking lot and only a dusting up high. It had rained clear to the peak!!!  With the temp. showing 43 Deg., a winter wind blowing,  I figured I would be able to at least get a observatory run in, but…… NO!   The Tram was down as the hill was covered in a layer of ice, and the Groomers were working overtime to re groom the main sections to make the hill approachable.  This was a very grim morning,  as rain seldom falls like that here, and I can barely remember the last time this happened.   I did not even suit up to go, rather I made a Bee Line to the Forklift Chair to get my bearings, breakfast, and plan an alternate day of fun.  I think I will get my oil changed… Yeah, that’s the ticket!!   So…. what about tomorrow?  I can only hope that we get some high density snow overnight to cushion the frozen crustitude that now is wall to wall.  The Groomers will provide the best edge purchase and the off trail… well, that remains to be seen.  The weather is predicted to improve, so getting a good look at things might provide some options, but this will take time to heal.  It might be a Wing morning if the traffic is light and the visibility is cooperating, that is one silver lining on the day.  The other important point is that this is a weather fluke, and we will be back in the SNOW ZONE soon, so not to worry.   I WILL be there dark and early to be  part of the exploratory crew.  How about you?   Ciao!

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  1. UtRider says:

    Any idea where the 6″ of reported snow fell? Or were they referring to the snow that would have resulted from the moisture had it not fallen as rain? 🙂

    I did one run at Brighton this morning and called it a day. What a bummer after such an amazing season. Hopefully the mountains can bounce back. Heck, going by the averages we have about 80″ to look forward to before January is done!

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